Warehousing & Storage

BWL Shipping Co. WLL offers cost-effective warehousing and storage facilities for any commodities in our facilities on long term and short term basis. As an acting freight forwarder in Kuwait, we are handling all kind of shipments including perishable goods, temperature  & non- temperature controlled cargoes for our clients, thus match your needs by understanding the importance and  urgency of your shipments. At BWL, we are also negotiating competitive rates through our large agents’ network of freight forwarders, making it as cost-effective as possible for you to transport your goods by using cargo consolidation and working closely with you to make sure your cargo reaches your destination on time. Having operational experience of many years in the freight forwarding industry in Kuwait and backend by an efficient warehouse management system, we are able to offer you the finest warehousing and storage support that you can expect from only the best in the industry.

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